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Online Support Groups

UPDATE: As of 9/2022 the Advocacy Center is only offering limited online support group options and returning many groups to local, in person programming. For those residing in and around Tompkins County, NY please contact our hotline at 607.277.5000 to talk about current group offerings or email

One of the most powerful aspects of abuse is the intense isolation survivors can experience. Isolation can decrease both physical and emotional safety, and intensify trauma. At the Advocacy Center we are not only dedicated to breaking the silence about domestic and sexual violence through education and awareness in our community but also in creating spaces for survivors to connect with others about their experience. While the COVID-19 Pandemic has made it unsafe for us to provide in person support groups, we are now offering online groups through the use of a secure platform. All groups are available to survivors of any gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, religion, ability, and immigration status. Support groups have an expectation of strict confidentiality from both facilitators and participants. Prior to attending any support groups we ask for interested participants to have a brief meeting with the group facilitator to address any questions, needs, and/or safety concerns. These meetings will also be done virtually.

At this time, we are currently offering the following groups:

Knowledge is Power (KIP)
This group is specifically designed for adults who have been impacted in some way by domestic violence. This could be adults who have or are currently experiencing domestic violence or who have grown up with domestic violence as children. The KIP group is unique because as opposed to a traditional support group it has a strong educational component, with set topics for each session combined with discussion and activities to understand the dynamics of abuse, impacts on survivors and their children, and the process of healing. To make sure participants are able to fully join in the discussions this group has a set start and end date, with the same group members the entire time. Currently, KIP meets 2 times per week for 1.5 hours each session and runs for 6 consecutive weeks. To learn more or speak with the group facilitator, please email

Survivor Empowerment Group (SEG)
This group is designed for adult adults who are or have experienced domestic violence. Different from KIP, this is a more informal space where participants are able to guide the discussions while giving and receiving support from others in a compassionate and understanding space. This group meets weekly throughout the year and participants are able to join at any point after speaking to the group facilitator. To learn more about SEG or connect with an advocate please email

Survivor Support Group for College Students
College students can have unique challenges after and while experiencing abuse or assault. This group acknowledges those specific needs and provides a space for students who have or experienced any form of domestic violence, relationship abuse, sexual assault, rape, or child sexual abuse to gather. Similar to SEG, this is an informal group where participants determine the discussion topics each meeting and are able to both receive and provide support. This group meets weekly and students can join at any point during the semester after speaking with the group facilitator. To learn more email