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ACTion Update

The ACTion Faction is a new opportunity for Tompkins County teens to work together to fight sexual and relationship violence. Our first meeting was held in September 2018 and, since then, we have been meeting on monthly basis. As of the December meeting, the ACTion members are now planning and facilitating the meetings. 

Here are some quotes from our members about how they feel the group is going so far:

  • Three of us were talking in the car after our last meeting, and it took us a while to figure out the exact feeling that was in the room. Finally, we identified it as passion. Everyone in ACTion shares this deep passion to educate others, make resources available to all who need them, and reach out to teens who are interested in working with us, struggling, or maybe both.” ~ IHS Junior
  • “The group is a really great way to present a lot of the information and ideals that the Advocacy Center is trying to educate the community about with a fresh perspective. It’s been really great to bond with people over issues I feel really passionately about.” ~ IHS Freshman
  • “I feel as though the group is finally really coming together and as we continue to bond we are going to do super amazing things. I hope to extend the group out to create more diversity as well, because I would love to bond more with people who don’t look like me but have common goals. ACTion is only just beginning.” ~ LACS Freshman

Here are some updates from one of our ACTion members, LACS Junior Clara Swartwout.

In the past four meetings, we’ve welcomed students from IHS, LACS, and Lansing High School and we hope to see more soon.

  • October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Go Purple Day was incredibly successful at LACS and Newfield High School. At LACS, students made 100s of purple ribbons which they handed out, tabled with information about the Advocacy Center, and had a sea of purple clothes throughout the school, even ribbons on each door. At Newfield High School, the SADD club also tabling during lunch giving out purple ribbons, stickers and temporary tattoos as well information about the domestic violence.  
  • We have launched the ACTion instagram (@actiontompkins) run exclusively by our members with updates on upcoming events, inspirational messages, and interactive questions. In November, our posts focused on Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness Month, and how unsafe or insecure housing puts teens at more at risk for sexual assault and abuse.
  • We are currently working on a series of blog posts dissecting the complex subject of trigger warnings and sensitive content.
  • We are working on more outreach and connections to the high schools and other youth populated groups since that will be vital in building a base for an effective and strong group.
  • We are currently a group of mainly white female-identifying individuals and we hope to diversify our group and outreach with people of different gender and racial identities as we understand the importance of representation.