PEAF: Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund

Starting March 1st, 2022 the Advocacy Center has been awarded money from New York State to support emergency needs of victims of domestic violence, known as Pandemic Emergency Assistance Funds or PEAF. These funds are provided through the Federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. As with all federal funds, there are eligibility requirements and restrictions of what emergency expenses are eligible. This page provides basic information about eligibility for this emergency assistance and examples of emergency expenses that may qualify for assistance. 

We realize this can be overwhelming or complicated so we encourage any victim of domestic violence who may be in need of assistance to contact us to discuss their needs and have an advocate explore ways we may be able to help.


To qualify for assistance through PEAF applicants must meet ALL of the following qualifications:

  • Be a victim of Domestic Violence as defined by the Advocacy Center, and
  • Be currently pregnant or have children, and
  • Be a current resident of New York State, and
  • Be a United States Citizen or have a United States Citizen living in the home, and
  • Be currently receiving TANF, SNAP, or Medicaid and have a household income under 200% of the Federal Poverty Rate.

Advocates will help answer any questions you may have about your eligibility and may be able to identify other resources to meet your emergency needs if you are not currently eligible for PEAF.

Examples of Emergency Assistance:

This funding is available to provide short term assistance for emergency needs due to experiencing Domestic Violence. This funding is only available until May 31st, 2022 and the expenses will need to be incurred prior to that. Examples of eligible emergency needs:

  • Current or back rent. (4 months maximum)
  • Current or back utilities. (4 months maximum)
  • Security Deposit for safe housing
  • Moving expenses for emergency relocation
  • Groceries
  • Basic furniture or housewares
  • Other qualifying expenses after discussing with an advocate

Unfortunately, these funds do not allow for assistance with transportation costs or repairs, childcare, or educational expenses. If you need assistance with these items and are a survivor of domestic or sexual violence, an advocate can explore other resources that may be able to help.

How to Apply:

This program will require an application, documentation of expenses, and in some cases proof of income– An Advocate will help you through all of it! To begin the application process:

  • Call the Advocacy Center Administrative Office at 607.277.3203
  • Complete a pre-screening with office staff including basic questions about your situation, review of the eligibility items listed above, and collecting follow up contact information
  • Complete a follow up call with an Advocate to talk more in detail about your needs, to complete the application, and identify any documentation that may be needed.
  • Once complete, the Advocate will submit the application for final approval and will then notify you of the outcome.

Want to help get the word out?

These funds are only available for a very limited time so we could use your help in getting the word out! Below is a flyer that can be printed and posted as well as a social media square. We thank you for your support of survivors in our community!

PEAF Outreach Flyer (8.5 × 11 in) English

PEAF Outreach Flyer (8.5 × 11 in) Spanish

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